Friday, April 1, 2011

To my Bear

Ok.  The kitchen is clean and I am rewarding myself with a blog!  I have SO many things to blog about....we've been doing so many cool things since our move to Texas.  Today, however, I need to talk about my son. 
Bear is 13 now (yes, that still hurts to say!) and I couldn't be more proud of him.  He is such an amazing person and I love being around him.  He wakes up in the morning and usually helps get his sisters breakfast.  Sometimes he even volunteers to get up early and make biscuits or something.  He gets himself ready for school and helps with anything else that needs done, from packing the girls' snack to making me some coffee.  :-)  On cold mornings, he even starts the car and gets the heater going for me.  Some days he will ride with us to school and walk the girls into class and some days he will leave a little early and walk by himself.  He says he enjoys the quiet and peacefulness of the early morning.  He's learned to find his serenity.

Bear does his homework and schoolwork without me having to tell him.  He does chores and cleans without complaining (mostly).

He's got the biggest heart.  The other day he was talking about how much he loves fresh green beans.  He said 'How awesome would it be if we had 1000 acres of green beans?  We could keep a third, sell a third and take a third to Africa and feed starving kids.  Or Haiti, or anywhere really.'  Let me tell you, it was all I could do not to cry.  So I told him how proud I am of him and what a wonderful young man he is.  So he says, 'It's all thanks to you, Mom'.  Yeah, I broke.  You would have too.

He loves animals, being goofy and running.

At the San Antonio Zoo

Goofy, hard at work.

He loves to ride his dirtbike, play paintball and......draw.
Yes, you can see my reflection taking the picture, but at least you can see one of Bear's latest creations. :-)

I used to have a cute, sweet little boy who would bring me flowers (still does on the rare occasion :-) ) and somewhere in the middle of living life, I blinked and he grew into a handsome young man who stands eye to eye with me.

He's becoming more patient with his sisters and doesn't get so frustrated with them.  There are times that he makes me even more proud.  These are the times that he IS frustrated and he takes a deep breath and doesn't lose his cool.  It's easy to be nice when you're not upset.  Did I mention he's 13??

He doesn't lie. Period.

There are not too many people that I can say, with 100% certainty, are completely honest and I am humbled to know that my son is one of them.  His integrity is above reproach.  We talk about everything.  Girls. School.  People.  Friends.  Dreams.  Desires.  Wishes.  Life.  We laugh and joke.  We are serious.  We have a great relationship and I am so grateful.

We did a family photo shoot the other day and we haven't got the pictures yet, Mike snapped a couple with his phone.  

I know we all say it, but I truly believe I'm the luckiest mom in the world.  


  1. Crystal, what a wonderful tribute to Bear! I agree completely for as much I knew him! Always was such a great kid and it ALWAYS warmed my heart how much he looked after his sisters! We sure miss him and all of you around here! Good to see you blogging again! Say hi to all!

    Love, Ami

  2. Dear Neice,
    Thank you so much for that wonderful tribute to Bear. Yes, I have to agree that he is a very Special young man! But then, your whole family is very dear to my heart! I love you all so much! Keep up the good writings, we all love to hear from you! Hope to see you soon.
    Aunt Carol