Friday, February 18, 2011

Thanks to Ami

Ok, so you might be wondering why I chose this particular title for my first blog.  So in order to explain, I need to give a little back story.  Eight weeks ago, we moved from Tucson to San Antonio.  The kids were all SO excited for a new adventure but emotional at the reality of not being able to take friends and loved ones with us.  Knowing how much we would miss everyone, on their last day of school, I followed Sierra and Isis around all day taking pictures, giving hugs and maybe shedding a tear or two.  

During the day, we found Ami Bunch, amazing woman, Kindergarten teacher Extraordinaire, Premier Jeweler, wonderful mother of the famous Bunchkins (her gorgeous almost two year old triplets!), and........Blogger Mommy!!  

Ami and Sierra

Not only does she have an awesome blog that is read by SO many and inspired many, many others to start blogging, she has even been on the news and been named the Blogger Mommy!  So, when we saw Ami that day, she said "You have to keep us all updated on all your new adventures when you move. You know the best way to do that, right??" Hehehe. So here we are, full circle.  If a Kinder teacher, mother of triplets can do this, I should be able to at least muddle my way through!  So here's to you Ami.  My first blog!!