Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Adventure Begins

The tile is down, the houses are rented.

 Thank goodness that's done!

 Yes, we were all that tired.

The movers are gone (with WAY more stuff than we could possibly need) and we are ready to hit the road beginning our new adventure......destination San Antonio!  We grab our snacks, fill up the gas tank and we are on our way!

But not for long......

Right after passing Willcox, our truck broke down.

And so, once again, here comes Papaw (my dad) swooping in with his white hat and cape to save the day.  He and my mom brought his truck and trailer to put our truck on and take it to his shop.  They also brought their Tahoe so that we could hook up the small trailer we were hauling and keep rolling on to Texas.

So that is exactly what we did.

Well Hello New Mexico. Nice to see you.

AND.....welcome to Texas!!

We kept going until we got to Ft. Stockton, TX and stayed the night there.  Fortunately, my Aunt Carol lives not too far from there and we were lucky enough to get her to come up and have dinner with us!  The kids were SO excited!

 Aunt Carol being mauled by Sierra and Isis.

 Aunt Carol taught the girls how to be real Texas girls....with Longhorns.

And this concludes our first day on the road.  On to San Antonio early in the morning!! 

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